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Fujitsu Soundsystem DS E2000 Air - Speakers1

Fujitsu Soundsystem DS E2000 Air - Speakers
Fujitsu Soundsystem DS E2000 Air - Speakers

Manufacturer: Fujitsu

Product group:

Manuf.No.: S26391-F7128-L600

Art.No.: S9270795

for PC, 2.4 Watt (Total), black, crimson red, for Celsius J550; ESPRIMO D538/E94, D556, D738/E94, D757, D957, D957/E94, D958, D958/E94, P556

  • Air compressed woofer
  • Convenient wired control
  • Stylish finishing with LED lighting
  • Plug-and-play
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Celsius J550/2-L, CELSIUS Mobile H250, CELSIUS Mobile H700, CELSIUS Mobile H700 Photo, CELSIUS Mobile H700 proGREEN, CELSIUS Mobile H700 Video, CELSIUS Mobile H700 Web, ESPRIMO C5730, ESPRIMO C5730 E-Star 4.0, ESPRIMO C5730 E-Star 5.0, ESPRIMO C5731 E-Star 5.0, ESPRIMO C700, ESPRIMO C910-L, ESPRIMO D538/E94+, ESPRIMO D556/2/E85+, ESPRIMO D556/2/E90+, ESPRIMO D556/E85+, ESPRIMO D556/E90+, ESPRIMO D556/PX, ESPRIMO D738/E94+, ESPRIMO D757/E85+, ESPRIMO D757/E90+, ESPRIMO D757/E94+, ESPRIMO D956/M (International Energy Star Program), ESPRIMO D957/E85+, ESPRIMO D957/E90+, ESPRIMO D957/E94+, ESPRIMO D958/E85+, ESPRIMO D958/E94+, ESPRIMO E3520, ESPRIMO E3520 E85+, ESPRIMO E3520 E-Star 5.0, ESPRIMO E3521, ESPRIMO E3521 E85+, ESPRIMO E3521 E-Star 5.0, ESPRIMO E3721 E-Star 5.0, ESPRIMO E400 E85+, ESPRIMO E500 E85+, ESPRIMO E5635, ESPRIMO E5635 E85+, ESPRIMO E5635 E-Star 5.0, ESPRIMO E5645, ESPRIMO E5645 E85+, ESPRIMO E5645 E-Star 5.0, ESPRIMO E5730, ESPRIMO E5730 E80+, ESPRIMO E5730 E85+, ESPRIMO E5730 E-Star 4.0, ESPRIMO E5730 E-Star 5.0, ESPRIMO E5731 E85+, ESPRIMO E5731 E-Star 5.0, ESPRIMO E700 E85+, ESPRIMO E700 E90+, ESPRIMO E7935, ESPRIMO E7935 0-Watt, ESPRIMO E7935 0-Watt proGREEN selection, ESPRIMO E7935 E80+, ESPRIMO E7935 E85+, ESPRIMO E7935 E-Star 4.0, ESPRIMO E7935 E-Star 5.0, ESPRIMO E7936, ESPRIMO E7936 0-Watt, ESPRIMO E7936 E85+, ESPRIMO E7936 E-Star 5.0, ESPRIMO E900 0-Watt, ESPRIMO E900 0-Watt proGREEN selection, ESPRIMO E900 E85+, ESPRIMO E900 E90+, ESPRIMO E9900, ESPRIMO E9900 0-Watt, ESPRIMO E9900 0-Watt proGREEN selection, ESPRIMO E9900 E85+, ESPRIMO E9900 E-Star 5.0, ESPRIMO Mobile D9510, ESPRIMO Mobile M9410, ESPRIMO Mobile M9415, ESPRIMO Mobile U9210, ESPRIMO Mobile U9215, ESPRIMO Mobile V5505, ESPRIMO Mobile V5515, ESPRIMO Mobile V5535, ESPRIMO Mobile V5545, ESPRIMO Mobile V5555, ESPRIMO Mobile V6505, ESPRIMO Mobile V6535, ESPRIMO Mobile V6545, ESPRIMO Mobile X9510, ESPRIMO Mobile X9515, ESPRIMO Mobile X9515 proGREEN, ESPRIMO Mobile X9525, ESPRIMO P1500, ESPRIMO P1510, ESPRIMO P2440, ESPRIMO P2540, ESPRIMO P2550, ESPRIMO P3520, ESPRIMO P3520 E85+, ESPRIMO P3520 E-Star 5.0, ESPRIMO P556 E85+, ESPRIMO P556 E90+, ESPRIMO P556/2/E85+, ESPRIMO P5635, ESPRIMO P5635 E85+, ESPRIMO P5635 E-Star 5.0, ESPRIMO P5645, ESPRIMO P5645 E85+, ESPRIMO P5645 E-Star 5.0, ESPRIMO P5730, ESPRIMO P5730 E80+, ESPRIMO P5730 E85+, ESPRIMO P5730 E-Star 4.0, ESPRIMO P5730 E-Star 5.0, ESPRIMO P5731, ESPRIMO P5731 E85+, ESPRIMO P5731 E-Star 5.0, ESPRIMO P710 E90+, ESPRIMO P756 E85+, ESPRIMO P756 E90+, ESPRIMO P756 E94+, ESPRIMO P7935, ESPRIMO P7935 0-Watt, ESPRIMO P7935 E80+, ESPRIMO P7935 E85+, ESPRIMO P7935 E-Star 4.0, ESPRIMO P7935 E-Star 4.0 proGREEN, ESPRIMO P7935 E-Star 4.0 proGREEN Selection, ESPRIMO P7935 E-Star 5.0, ESPRIMO P7936, ESPRIMO P7936 0-Watt, ESPRIMO P7936 E85+, ESPRIMO P7936 E-Star 5.0, ESPRIMO P910 E90+, ESPRIMO P956/E94+, ESPRIMO P957/power, ESPRIMO P9900, ESPRIMO P9900 0-Watt, ESPRIMO P9900 0-Watt proGREEN selection, ESPRIMO P9900 E85+, ESPRIMO P9900 E-Star 5.0, ESPRIMO Q1500, ESPRIMO Q1510, ESPRIMO Q5030 E-Star 4.0, ESPRIMO Q5030 E-Star 5.0, ESPRIMO Q520/K, ESPRIMO Q900, ESPRIMO Q9000, ESPRIMO Q956/MRE, ESPRIMO X956/T, FUTRO A100, FUTRO A120, FUTRO A210, FUTRO A220, FUTRO A221, FUTRO A230, FUTRO A231, FUTRO A240, FUTRO A250, FUTRO A255, FUTRO C100, FUTRO C200, FUTRO C250, FUTRO D100, FUTRO S100, FUTRO S200, FUTRO S210, FUTRO S220, FUTRO S230, FUTRO S300, FUTRO S400, FUTRO S450, FUTRO S450-2, FUTRO S500, FUTRO S550, FUTRO S550-2, LIFEBOOK E554, LIFEBOOK E780, LIFEBOOK E780 proGREEN, LIFEBOOK E8310, LIFEBOOK E8410, LIFEBOOK E8410PE, LIFEBOOK E8420, LIFEBOOK E8420 proGREEN, LIFEBOOK P3110, LIFEBOOK P770, LIFEBOOK P8010, LIFEBOOK P8010 Crimson Red, LIFEBOOK P8020, LIFEBOOK S6410, LIFEBOOK S6420, LIFEBOOK S710, LIFEBOOK S710 proGREEN, LIFEBOOK S7110, LIFEBOOK S7110 Fingerprint, LIFEBOOK S7110 Supreme, LIFEBOOK S7110 Value, LIFEBOOK S7110 Value FP, LIFEBOOK S7210, LIFEBOOK S7210 CAM, LIFEBOOK S7210 FP, LIFEBOOK S7220, LIFEBOOK S760, LIFEBOOK T1010, LIFEBOOK T580, LIFEBOOK T730, LIFEBOOK T900, LIFEBOOK TH700, M2010, PRIMERGY MX130 S2, Stylistic Q550
The tiny and powerful Soundsystem DS E2000 Air is taking the design inspiration from the grand pyramid. The E2000 Air presents you with the Acoustic Air Spring for the best audio enjoyment. The E2000 Air boosts impressive, well-balanced, powerful sound all over the whole frequency band in relation to the small form factor, which is unbeatable in this category of USB speaker. The small and robust satellite speaker is decorated with a deluxe finishing and the base is adorned with warmly-ambient lighting - a final touch to complete this fantastic artwork.
Product Description Fujitsu Soundsystem DS E2000 Air - speakers - for PC
Product Type Speakers - for PC
System Components 2 speakers
Speaker Type Active
Nominal Output Power (Total) 2.4 Watt
Frequency Response 120 - 20000 Hz
Amplifier Integrated
Speaker System Details 2 1.2 Watt - 120 - 20000 Hz
Colour Black, crimson red
Power Options USB powered
Dimensions (WxDxH) 8.6 cm x 6.4 cm x 6.8 cm
Weight 0.6 kg
Designed For Celsius J550; CELSIUS Mobile H700; ESPRIMO C700, C910, D538/E94, D556, D738/E94, D757, D757/E94, D956, D957, D957/E94, D958, D958/E94, E3721, E400, E500, E700, E900, P556, P710, P756, P756 E94, P910, P956/E94, P957, Q520, Q900, Q956, X956; LIFEBOOK E554, T580; PRIMERGY MX130 S2; Stylistic Q550
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