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Lenovo Laser - Mouse1

Lenovo Laser - Mouse
Lenovo Laser - Mouse

Manufacturer: Lenovo

Product group:

Manuf.No.: 41U3074

Art.No.: S4287504

right and left-handed, laser, 3 buttons, wired, USB, stealth black, for 300e (2nd Gen); 300e Chromebook (2nd Gen); ThinkCentre M715q (2nd Gen)

  • 2000 dpi resolution
  • Fully programmable tilt wheel and buttons
  • Ambidextrous design for both right and left-handed usage
  • Full-speed USB
  • Full-featured Lenovo Mouse Suite
  • Exclusive soft-to-the-touch metallic black finish
  • Included PS/2 adapter for connection flexibility
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ThinkCentre A30, ThinkCentre A35, ThinkCentre A50, ThinkCentre A50p, ThinkCentre A51, ThinkCentre A51p, ThinkCentre M50, ThinkCentre M51, ThinkCentre S50, ThinkCentre S51, ThinkPad 240, ThinkPad 240X, ThinkPad 380, ThinkPad 380XD, ThinkPad 380Z, ThinkPad 390, ThinkPad 390E, ThinkPad 390X, ThinkPad 560X, ThinkPad 570, ThinkPad 570E, ThinkPad 600, ThinkPad 600E, ThinkPad 600X, ThinkPad 770, ThinkPad 770E, ThinkPad 770X, ThinkPad 770Z, ThinkPad A20m, ThinkPad A20p, ThinkPad A21e, ThinkPad A21m, ThinkPad A21p, ThinkPad A22e, ThinkPad A22m, ThinkPad A22p, ThinkPad A30, ThinkPad A30p, ThinkPad A31, ThinkPad A31p, ThinkPad G40, ThinkPad G41, ThinkPad i Series 1200, ThinkPad i Series 1300, ThinkPad i Series 1400, ThinkPad i Series 1500, ThinkPad R30, ThinkPad R31, ThinkPad R32, ThinkPad R40, ThinkPad R40e, ThinkPad R50, ThinkPad R50e, ThinkPad R50p, ThinkPad R51, ThinkPad R52, ThinkPad T20, ThinkPad T21, ThinkPad T22, ThinkPad T23, ThinkPad T30, ThinkPad T40, ThinkPad T40p, ThinkPad T41, ThinkPad T41p, ThinkPad T42, ThinkPad T42p, ThinkPad T43, ThinkPad T43p, ThinkPad TransNote, ThinkPad X20, ThinkPad X21, ThinkPad X22, ThinkPad X23, ThinkPad X24, ThinkPad X30, ThinkPad X31, ThinkPad X32, ThinkPad X40, ThinkPad X41


100e (2nd Gen), 100e Chromebook (2nd Gen) 81MA, 300e (2nd Gen), 300e Chromebook (2nd Gen) 81MB, B590, C100, C200, Edge 15, G555 0873, IdeaPad S10e, J100, J105, J110, J115, J200, J200p, J205, Miix 520-12IKB, N100, N200, S200, S200z, S400z, S405z, S500, S510, Tablet 10, Tablet 10 20L3, ThinkCentre A30, ThinkCentre A35, ThinkCentre A50, ThinkCentre A50p, ThinkCentre A51, ThinkCentre A51p, ThinkCentre A52, ThinkCentre A53, ThinkCentre A55, ThinkCentre A57, ThinkCentre A60, ThinkCentre A61, ThinkCentre A61e, ThinkCentre A62, ThinkCentre A70, ThinkCentre A70z 0401, ThinkCentre Chromebox, ThinkCentre E50, ThinkCentre E51, ThinkCentre E73, ThinkCentre Edge 71, ThinkCentre Edge 71 1578, ThinkCentre Edge 71z, ThinkCentre Edge 91z, ThinkCentre M50, ThinkCentre M50e, ThinkCentre M51, ThinkCentre M51e, ThinkCentre M52, ThinkCentre M52e, ThinkCentre M55, ThinkCentre M55e, ThinkCentre M55p, ThinkCentre M57, ThinkCentre M57e, ThinkCentre M57p, ThinkCentre M58 8820, ThinkCentre M600, ThinkCentre M625q, 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385, A20e
Experience the performance of high-definition laser tracking, full programmability and the superior comfort of the new Lenovo Laser Mouse. Laser technology delivers extraordinary accuracy and more responsiveness than traditional optical mice, resulting in smoother tracking on virtually any surface. A tilting scrollwheel allows the user to scroll through documents and webpages both horizontally and vertically. Designed for both right- and left-handed use, the Lenovo Laser Mouse offers the ultimate in all-day comfort, precision and performance.
Product Description Lenovo Laser - mouse - USB - stealth black
Device Type Mouse
Connectivity Technology Wired - USB
Colour Stealth black
Orientation Right and left-handed
Dimensions (WxDxH) 5.4 cm x 11.4 cm x 3.2 cm
Weight 94 g
Movement Detection Technology Laser
Buttons Qty 3
Movement Resolution 2000 dpi
Performance Realtime sensitivity switching 400/800/1600/2000 dpi
Features Programmable buttons, Tilt Wheel technology, scrolling wheel (4-way), switchable resolution, programmable tilt-wheel
Cables Included 1 x USB cable - integrated
Microsoft Certification Certified for Windows Vista
Manufacturer Warranty 1 year warranty
Designed For 100e (2nd Gen); 100e Chromebook (2nd Gen); 300e (2nd Gen); 300e Chromebook (2nd Gen); ThinkCentre M715q (2nd Gen); M72X; M820; M920; ThinkPad A285; A485; E490; E590; L390; L390 Yoga; P1; P52; P72; X1 Extreme; ThinkStation P330; V130-20; V330-15; V330-20; V530-15; V530-22; V530-24; V530S-07
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