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Sony SU-WL500 - Mounting kit (wall mount)1

Sony SU-WL500 - Mounting kit (wall mount)
Sony SU-WL500 - Mounting kit (wall mount)
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Manufacturer: Sony

Product group:

Manuf.No.: SU-WL500/PSE

Art.No.: S16496283

for flat panel, wall-mountable, for Sony FWD-55, 75, 75X80, 77, 85, 85X80, KDL-40NX7103, 46NX7103, 46V5500, 55EX500, 55NX8103

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FWD-55A9G, FWD-75X80H/T, FWD-75Z8H/T, FWD-77A9G, FWD-85X80H/T, FWD-85Z8H/T, KDL-32BX300, KDL-32BX400, KDL-32D3000, KDL-32D3010, KDL-32E4000, KDL-32E4020, KDL-32E4030, KDL-32E4050, KDL-32E5500, KDL-32E5510, KDL-32E5520, KDL-32EX301, KDL-32EX302, KDL-32EX401, KDL-32EX402, KDL-32EX403, KDL-32EX40B, KDL-32EX43B, KDL-32EX500, KDL-32EX500P, KDL-32EX500PAEP, KDL-32EX501, KDL-32EX503, KDL-32EX505, KDL-32EX600, KDL-32EX603, KDL-32EX605, KDL-32EX700, KDL-32EX701, KDL-32EX703, KDL-32EX705, KDL-32EX710, KDL-32EX711, KDL-32EX713, KDL-32EX715, KDL-32L4000, KDL-32NX500, KDL-32NX503, KDL-32P3000, KDL-32P3020, KDL-32P5500, KDL-32P5600, KDL-32S3000, KDL-32S3000/P, KDL-32S3000/R, KDL-32S3000/W, KDL-32S3010, KDL-32S3020, KDL-32S4000, KDL-32S5500, KDL-32S5600, KDL-32S5600K, KDL-32S5650, KDL-32S5650E, KDL-32T3000, KDL-32U3000, KDL-32U4000, KDL-32V4000, KDL-32V4500, KDL-32V5500, KDL-32V5500E, KDL-32V5800, KDL-32V5800AEP, KDL-32V5800E, KDL-32V5810, KDL-32W4000, KDL-32W5500, KDL-32W5710, KDL-32W5800, KDL-32W5810, KDL-32W5810U, KDL-37EX401, KDL-37EX402, KDL-37EX403, KDL-37EX500, KDL-37EX503, KDL-37EX505, KDL-37P3000, KDL-37P3020, KDL-37P5500, KDL-37S4000, KDL-37S5500, KDL-37S5500K, KDL-37S5600, KDL-37S5650, KDL-37S5650E, KDL-37U3000, KDL-37U4000, KDL-37V4000, KDL-37V4500, KDL-37V5500, KDL-37V5800, KDL-37V5800AEP, KDL-37V5800E, KDL-37V5810, KDL-37W5500, KDL-37W5710, KDL-37W5800, KDL-37W5810, KDL-37W5810U, KDL-40BX400, KDL-40D3000, KDL-40D3010, KDL-40D3500, KDL-40D3550, KDL-40E4000, KDL-40E4020, KDL-40E4030, KDL-40E4050, KDL-40E5500, KDL-40E5510, KDL-40E5520, KDL-40E5520E, KDL-40EX401, KDL-40EX402, KDL-40EX403, KDL-40EX40B, KDL-40EX43B, KDL-40EX500, KDL-40EX500P, KDL-40EX500PAEP, KDL-40EX503, KDL-40EX505, KDL-40EX600, KDL-40EX603, KDL-40EX605, KDL-40EX700, KDL-40EX703, KDL-40EX705, KDL-40EX710, KDL-40EX711, KDL-40EX713, KDL-40EX715, KDL-40HX700, KDL-40HX703, KDL-40HX705, KDL-40HX800, KDL-40HX803, KDL-40HX805, KDL-40L4000, KDL-40L4000E, KDL-40NX500, KDL-40NX503, KDL-40NX710, KDL-40NX7103D, KDL-40NX710F, KDL-40NX715, KDL-40P3000, KDL-40P3020, KDL-40P5500, KDL-40S3000, KDL-40S3010, KDL-40S4000, KDL-40S5500, KDL-40S5500K, KDL-40S5600, KDL-40S5650, KDL-40S5650E, KDL-40T3500, KDL-40U3000, KDL-40U4000, KDL-40V3000, KDL-40V4000, KDL-40V4210, KDL-40V5500, KDL-40V5500E, KDL-40V5800, KDL-40V5800AEP, KDL-40V5800E, KDL-40V5810, KDL-40W3000, KDL-40W4000, KDL-40W4500, KDL-40W5500, KDL-40W5710, KDL-40W5800, KDL-40W5810, KDL-40W5810U, KDL-40WE5B, KDL-40WE5BA, KDL-40WE5W, KDL-40WE5WA, KDL-40X3000, KDL-40X3500, KDL-40X4500, KDL-40XBR6, KDL-40XBR7, KDL-40Z4500, KDL-40Z5500, KDL-40Z5500AEP, KDL-40Z5800, KDL-40Z5800AEP, KDL-46D3000, KDL-46D3010, KDL-46D3500, KDL-46D3550, KDL-46EX401, KDL-46EX402, KDL-46EX403, KDL-46EX500, KDL-46EX500P, KDL-46EX500PAEP, KDL-46EX501, KDL-46EX503, KDL-46EX505, KDL-46EX700, KDL-46EX703, KDL-46EX705, KDL-46EX710, KDL-46EX713, KDL-46EX715, KDL-46HX700, KDL-46HX703, KDL-46HX705, KDL-46HX800, KDL-46HX803, KDL-46HX805, KDL-46HX900, KDL-46HX903, KDL-46HX905, KDL-46NX710, KDL-46NX7103D, KDL-46NX715, KDL-46T3500, KDL-46V3000, KDL-46V4000, KDL-46V5500, KDL-46V5500E, KDL-46V5800, KDL-46V5800AEP, KDL-46V5800E, KDL-46V5810, KDL-46W3000, KDL-46W4000, KDL-46W4500, KDL-46W5500, KDL-46W5710, KDL-46W5800, KDL-46W5800AEP, KDL-46W5800E, KDL-46W5810, KDL-46WE5B, KDL-46WE5BAE, KDL-46WE5W, KDL-46X3000, KDL-46X3500, KDL-46X4500, KDL-46XBR6, KDL-46Z4500, KDL-46Z4500U, KDL-46Z5500, KDL-46Z5500AEP, KDL-46Z5800, KDL-46Z5800AEP, KDL-46Z5800U, KDL-52EX700, KDL-52EX703, KDL-52EX705, KDL-52HX900, KDL-52HX903, KDL-52HX905, KDL-52V4000, KDL-52V5500, KDL-52V5800, KDL-52V5800AEP, KDL-52V5800E, KDL-52V5810, KDL-52W3000, KDL-52W4000, KDL-52W4500, KDL-52W5500, KDL-52W5800, KDL-52W5800AEP, KDL-52W5800E, KDL-52W5800U, KDL-52X3500, KDL-52XBR6, KDL-52XBR7, KDL-52Z4500, KDL-52Z5500, KDL-52Z5500U, KDL-52Z5800, KDL-52Z5800AEP, KDL-52Z5800E, KDL-52Z5800U, KDL-55EX500, KDL-55EX500/H, KDL-55EX500P, KDL-55EX500PAEP, KDL-55EX503, KDL-55EX505, KDL-55EX710, KDL-55EX713, KDL-55EX715, KDL-55NX810, KDL-55NX8103D, KDL-55NX815, KDL-55X4500, KDL-60EX700, KDL-60EX703, KDL-60EX705, KDL-60LX900, KDL-60LX903, KDL-60LX905, KDL-70X3500
Hang your gorgeous BRAVIA LCD HDTV on the wall. The SU-WL500 wall mounting bracket lets you showcase your flat panel TV the way it was intended. It lets your television become a conversation piece as it hangs on the wall like artwork.
Product Description Sony SU-WL500 - mounting kit
Product Type Mounting kit - wall-mountable
Mounting Components Wall mount
Recommended Use Flat panel
Designed For Sony FWD-55, 75, 75X80, 77, 85, 85X80, KDL-32EX500, 32EX501, 32EX711, 32EX713, 40E5520, 40EX500, 40EX711, 40EX713, 40NX710, 40NX7103, 40NX715, 40V5500, 46EX401, 46EX500, 46EX501, 46EX713, 46HX905, 46NX7103, 46NX715, 46V5500, 52HX905, 55EX500, 55EX713, 55EX715, 55NX810, 55NX8103, 55NX815, 60LX905
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